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ISSP Trainee Travel Bursary to USCAP 2023

The Irish Society of Surgical Pathology is proud to announce its inaugural Travel Bursary scheme to support trainees from across the Island of Ireland to participate in international meetings.

The first of these will support attendance at the upcoming USCAP meeting in New Orleans. Further bursaries will be available for specific meetings to support attendance. Keep an eye on Feel free to alert any trainees who you think would be interested in this bursary.

Value: 500 euros to support travel and/or accommodation. Receipts required.

Who can apply? Any histopathology trainee in a post across the island of Ireland is encouraged to apply.

How do I apply? Submit a request stating why you want to go to the meeting, 300 words maximum. It is not required to have submitted an abstract but assessment will be weighted toward an accepted abstract.

When do I apply? Applications should be sent to before 5pm Monday January 9th.

When do I find out? The successful applicant will be advised of their successful application by January 15th.

Anything else I need to know? A short summary of your experience at the meeting will be required within 1 month of returning. This will be published on our website

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