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One day to go! All you need to know about ISSP2021.

Just one day until our annual meeting ISSP2021!

Remember to register today as registration will close tonight.

The meeting will be run through a zoom platform and there are two separate zoom links for attendees, one for each day.

Final Programme: See the tab above for access to the final programme with our excellent line up of speakers.

Posters: Posters will be visible on the days of the meeting with a password which will be supplied at the meeting for attendees.

Oral Presentations: Looking forward to hearing our hard working and talented trainees take to the stage on Friday morning for the gold medal presentations. This year's medal are below.

AGM: The AGM of the ISSP will be held on Friday 8th October immediately after closing of the meeting.

Sponsors: As always we would like to thank our sponsors for their support of our meeting. This year's sponsors include Roche, FMI Roche, MSD, The BDIAP, Astra Zeneca, Olympus and Bayer.

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