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Many thanks to our fantastic contributors to this year's ISSP2021 online meeting. The talks from our international and local contributors as well as our trainees and poster presenters were fascinating and enlightening. Congratulations to our gold medal winners below. Thank you again to our sponsors without whom we cannot run our society or meeting. Our sponsors include the BDIAP, FMI Roche, Roche, MSD, Olympus/Mason technology, Astra Zeneca and Bayer. We hope to see you all in person at next year's event.

1) Winner of the best oral presentation.

Dr. Anna Keogh, St. James Hospital Dublin, for their presentation entitled "Association between histological subtypes of lung adenocarcinoma and KRAS mutations, with an emphasis on G12C mutations: a pilot study"

2) Winner of the best Trainee Poster.

Dr. Louisa Miller, Belfast Health and Social Care Trust for their poster entitled "ER, PR and HER2 assessment in a population-representative Northern Irish contralateral breast cancer cohort using digital image analysis"

3) Winner of the inaugural ISSP Research Medal.

Dr. Natalie Fisher, Queens University Belfast for their poster entitled "Development of a semi-automated method for tumour budding assessment in colorectal cancer and comparison with manual methods"

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